Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Looking for a laundry service that can handle all of your needs? Look no further than Xpres laundry services! You can rest assured that your clothes will come out looking their best.

Office Space Cleaning

  • Professional Office Spaces
  • Homes Converted to Commercial
  • Virtual/Co-Working Spaces
  • Industrial/Production Offices

Community Space

 Event Venues
 Public Destinations

Shops and Restaurants

  • Storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Daycare
  • Salons/Barbers

What Makes Us Different

Handled With Care

Our team of laundry experts are dedicated to handling your clothes with care. We know that your wardrobe is important to you, and we take the time to treat each piece with the gentle care it deserves. Whether you need a quick wash-and-fold or more delicate laundering services, we’re here to help!

Clean Facilities

We take pride in keeping our facility as clean as possible. No one wants to wash their clothes in a dirty laundromat, and that’s why we routinely sanitize the entire building. This includes machines, folding tables, the bathroom, and common areas. We are also happy to offer our customers a child changing station in the bathroom for the little ones.

Self Service

Whether you live in an apartment without a washer and dryer, or yours are on the fritz, turn to us for self-service. Our professional grade washers & dryers can handle loads of all sizes to get your clothes clean quickly! Our units also accept credit cards for added convenience.


“ FCCC is by far the best cleaning crew we have ever had. Compliments for our team have been excellent and frequent. They provide better services than we have ever received before, and at about $200/mo less expensive than the cheapest crew that we ever used before. ”

- Chris Sharp

CEO/SharpNet Solutions

“ I am happy with my office cleaning experience. Friendly staff tackles the tough things without a hitch and they listen to detail. The office feels and smells cleaner that ever. Seamless process, exceptional cleans! ”

-Jessa W.

“ I found my forever cleaning crew and I saved money too. Crews in the past have been unreliable, or the service quality fades over time. FC  Cleaners has been clutch for years! Thank you! ”

- John Seaberry

Founder - S'Gar Enterprise

Why aren't all cleaning companies like this? They are not just an amazing cleaning crew, they are an amazing company. I've recommend them to dozens of business owners in my networking groups. Well done!

- David Drainer

President / Double D Landscapes